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Web Applications

Making simple web pages where nothing changes is fun, but making web applications that process and save information is what I really like doing. This is where everything I like to do comes together; creating and documenting the application design, creating the UI, and creating a managable server side application.

Originally, I wanted to combine my writing background with an IT career by writing content for websites. During my later college career, I was introduced to the System Design Lifecyle concept; which is to design, create, evaluate, and return to the design phase until the application is complete. I immediately wanted to do become a Business Analyst.

Later, when I changed from being a system administrator to a java developer, I was introduced to the role of a Software Engineer; which combines the discovery, design, and documentation aspect of a Business Analyst; and the creative logic of a Java Developer. From that time on, my focus has been to complete and improve my skill set.