Adam & Suzy Roundy

Adam & Suzy both attended Utah State University (USU) in the mid-90's, taking several journalism and business classes together. Suzy graduated in 1998 with an Associates Degree in Office System Support. Adam graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism—Public Relations.

Suzy worked a few office and customer service jobs during the years after graduating. She then worked as an independent consultant, selling a variety of children education products. All of this has provided her with plenty of opportunity to work with people, manage office duties, and get work done.

Over the past few years, Suzy has pursued an interest in photography as a hobby. She has taken several family and individual portraits. But her favorite is shooting weddings, engagements, and bridal photos. Her prices are fair, and she gives her customers the copyrights to the photos, so that she doesn't have to deal with the hassle of printing.

Adam obtained a job as a Technical Writer for a manufacturing company, which allowed him to improve his writing skills, and learn and apply principles of layout (proximity, alignment, etc). Adam also continued his education, graduating in 2005 with a Masters Degree in Business Information Systems form USU.

After graduation, Adam worked in Salt Lake City as a System Administrator where he became familiar with the Linux OS, and how to manage several system administration support applications. Adam spent one year managing a small team of admins before moving to the Software Development department, where he further developed his Java programming and related skills.

Since accepting a new software development position closer to home in 2011, Adam has kept himself busy working on home projects. Adam enjoys the relaxed pace without deadlines that allows him to be more concerned with understanding the what and how of building a website or application. Always the perfectionist, and never satisfied with mediocrity, Adam has been excited about his improvement in UI design and CSS layouts over the past year.

Adam & Suzy spend most of their free time raising there children and working with neighborhood youth by volunteering in their church and the school PTA. But they also appreciate those who provide opportunities to pursue their interests in writing, web design, and photography.