The idea behind RouGRAPHY is to provide an outlet to practice and showcase our interests, hobbies, and developing skills. This includes writing, website and web application development, and photography.

I discovered the power of writing during college from a Public Relations professor who made me write the same assignment over and over again, until I finally discovered the meaning of "Reading between the lines". I was amazed at how the organization and order of information changed the feeling, tone, and message of what I wrote.

When it comes to creating website and web applications, there is so much to learn and so many options. I have had a fair amount of practice working on server side code in the office. But my UI efforts have been more functional that aesthetic. This site, and a few others that I am working on , have been my attempt to improve my understanding of good practices in UI development.

Suzy started photography as a hobby several years ago. She most enjoys celebrating new marriages by taking engagement, bridals, and wedding photos. But she also takes family and individual portraits. Even as a hobyy, she is determined to make sure her clients like their photos. She spends a lot of time learning new tricks and effects with Photoshop to deliver the most aesthetic photos possible. Her history of repeat customers is an indication of her ability to deliver what people like.